Otome game scenario writing (creative writing) in German(Remote Work) (at your home)

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Vergütung: 400 USD/ 50,000 words

Otome game scenario writing (creative writing) in German(Remote Work)
Use your German scenario writing skills for the popular romance game title.
You will be writing a story for updates for either PsychiXX~Tabu der Liebe~" or "Liebe in Flammen".
More than 1 million users including the US. Germany and France will be reading your scenario.
Number of words in German: 50,000 words
Reward: 400 USD/ 50,000 words (you may have raises on this rate
depending on the performance/downloads of the works)
Payment condition: Closing at the end of the month, payment at the end of two months later (About 90 days after acceptance and inspection)
Our title
There is a track record of 500,000 downloads worldwide.
It helps when you show us your work if any so that we get some idea.
When you apply it, please make a test scenario in German below?

*CAUTION!! You cannot apply unless you do the following at the time of application.
Amount: about 200 words
Configuration:One day date with a guy
Chara: Please choose one of the characters, Kaoru, Kiryu, Raiji
Scenario Type: Otome game scenario
       ・Heroine perspective(Conversation-centric scenario)
       ・Expressed in the first person
       ・Sweet story
Install this game app and check the interactive format.
*Please note that you will be disqualified if you submit in a format other than the interactive format of this game.
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