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Vergütung: Please read all the rewards from the Bible.

Hey <3

There's a huge problem with most if not all churches, doctrines, denominations.

It's the simple truth, that all of them have abandoned The Cornerstone, Jesus and His Teachings in the 4 Gospels.

I suggest with utmost haste and importance, to rethink your standing of Faith in God; read the 4 Gospels, LISTEN, BELIEVE and OBEY Jesus.

Jesus is The Truth, Jesus is the Cornerstone, Jesus is The Word of God. Please drop all the man-made rules and traditions.

Jesus said many things as requirements to be His disciple = a Christian in Luke 14. Forsake all, hate your family (abandon them if need and follow Jesus) etc. unless you obey Him, you are NOT a Christian.

Also there's is the Mark of the Beast. We must warn people about it and get ready to reject it, please do not be conned into taking it.

If we're to survive when the Mark comes, we need to be living by Faith in God, working for Him (Love) freely, not for money. No one can serve both God and money (or mammon which is money and all that it can buy) Matthew 6:24. No one can work for God and money at the same time, you will have either or motive.

I also think, that America will be destroyed quite soon, in the case it is the whore of Babylon.

Please read the 4 Gospels, Revelation 13, 17 and 22.

Thank you <3
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